Hawk Tubley started his music career playing CBGB with the seminal noise band The Hæmorrhoids in New York City. Throughout the 1990s, he lived in Birmingham, Alabama, where his bands, including Eat More Possum, the Freeloaders, the Green Eggs and Partial To Mabel, played all over the Southeast and opened for such acts as Southern Culture on the Skids, Jason & The Scorchers, The Radiators, James Taylor and David Allen Coe. His band Partial To Mabel was voted "Best Folk Acoustic Band" in Birmingham.

Since moving to Philadelphia, Hawk Tubley (with the help of several world-famous musicians) released a CD of his own material called Cooking With Dynamite!, which Tri-State Indie calls "a solid 40 minutes of country, bluegrass, and rock and roll riding the edge of rhyme and reason - the kind of barnyard shenanigans and slapstick sing-a-longs that can pull you out of that puddle of mud." The album features songs about trucks, trains and elephants, and includes a five-part a cappella tune on the virtues of regular flossing.

In 2017, Hawk Tubley & The Ozymandians - Andres Villamil on bass, Mike “Luxor” Szekely on drums, and Andy “Major Headspin” Davis on the electric guitar - released a new album, Pond Kings In April, a genre-bending mix of indie rock, cowboy folk and good old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roll, featuring exceptional songwriting and Hawk Tubley’s distinctive voice.

While Hawk Tubley has been compared to musicians as diverse as Captain Beefheart, Robyn Hitchcock and the Fugs, perhaps the most oddly apt testimonial came from New Jersey blues legend Barbecue Bob Pomeroy, who, describing Hawk's Cooking With Dynamite!, said, "This record is great! I feel like I'm at a yard sale at Howard Finster's house."




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